SSC Result Rescrutiny/ Khata Challenge Result 2016 All Education Board

SSC Result Rescrutiny/ Khata Challenge Result 2016 All Education Board of Bangladesh will be published. Students are not satisfied about the SSC Result 2016. Unfortunately there are some problem have to publish the SSC Result 2016. So many students are wising to Rescrutiny/ Khata Challenge for changing his/her Result. The Board Challenge Result of Exam papers of SSC Exam Result 2016 in Bangladesh. SSC Rescrutiny Result will be published on June 08. Students get Board Challenge results as pdf. They have to download the file from online. will be give full pdf file of SSC Result 2016 Recheck Final Result 2016. Actually it’s happened for unexpected strike during the Examination. It’s effect on every single exam.

SSC Exam Re-scrutiny/khata Challenge Result 2016  will published 8 June 2016 in all education board in Bangladesh. SSC Exam Re-scrutiny/khata Challenge Result 2016  result will be found when it is published by Bangladesh Education Board and Madrasah Education Board.

SSC Khata Challenge 2016 Dhaka Board

SSC Khata Challenge 2016 Chittagong Board

SSC Khata Challenge 2016 Jessore Board

SSC Khata Challenge 2016 Barisal Board

SSC Khata Challenge 2016 Comilla Board

SSC Khata Challenge 2016 Dinajpur Board

SSC Khata Challenge 2016 Sylhet Board

SSC Khata Challenge 2016 Rajshehi Board

madrasah education board Khata Challenge 2016

SSC Result Rescrutiny/ Khata Challenge Result 2016 Available Here.


You Can Check the Result in your Mobile Phone to Write:

SSC<space> Board Name First 3 letters <space> Roll No <space> Exam Year

Example: SSC<space> JES<space>12345678 <space> 2016

Step by Step SSC Re-Scrutiny Process 2016 (SSC/Dhakil/Vocation): Step-1: RSC First Three (03) characters of Board Name Roll Number Subject Code and send to 16222 Number Note: If you want to apply more than one subject then put comma (,) in between subject code. Step-2: After successfully completed application, Applicant will get a rerun SMS (Message) with PIN number. You can get payment information. How much you have to pay? Step-3: If you want to pay the charge then write SMS: RSC YES PIN Number Contact Number and send to 16222 Step-4: Return confirmation Message (SMS) will get in your mobile mentioned candidate Name and Tracking number. How to get SSC Re-Scrutiny Result 2016? Students will be easily get and find the SSC Re-Scrutiny Result 2016 after published by Education Board Bangladesh. It’s simple and easily, because respective boards will be given pdf file the list of any changes of applied students any subjects. SSC Rescrutiny Result 2016 all Education Board SSC Rescrutiny Result 2016 Bangladesh: SSC Rescrutiny Result 2016 of All Education Board First three (03) Letters: SSC Rescrutiny Result 2016 Dhaka Education Board – DHA SSC Rescrutiny Result 2016 Comilla Education Board – COM SSC Rescrutiny Result 2016 Rajshahi Education Board – RAJ SSC Rescrutiny Result 2016 Jessore Education Board – JES SSC Rescrutiny Result 2016 Chittagong Education Board – CHI SSC Rescrutiny Result 2016 Barisal Education Board – BAR SSC Rescrutiny Result 2016 Sylhet Education Board – SYL SSC Rescrutiny Result 2016 Dinajpur Education Board – DIN Madrasha Board

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